Mail Scanner and New Firewall Rules

  • March 16, 2007 by

Kosmos has implemented new spam software called Mail Scanner located at the bottom of your Cpanel, which disables Spam Assassin.


Enabled Running Processes include:

[1] Enable scanning of emails for spam
[2] Action to perform on email likely to be spam but may contain false-positives
[3] Action to perform on email almost definitely spam
[4] Enable scanning of emails for viruses
[5] Deliver virus infected email that has been cleaned



[1] Personal Black and White Lists for email.


We have also implemented a new firewall features that will black list users that have attempted to sign into cpanel and other login accounts more than three times without success.  If you find your site is inaccessible, then you may have been blocked by the server.  To be put on the servers white list please go to this url: which will tell us your ip to remove from the server blacklist.


If you have any questions or need support please post a ticket in our client center at:  and login with your billing email account.  If you don?t know your login information please call the office.


Thank you,


Kosmos Support Staff