I can't see my site! Am I black listed?

  • May 3, 2007 by

To prevent hackers from running software that will continually try various password variations and User Names to exploit your account, we?ve implemented a firewall black and white list.  If you attempt more than five times to access your accounts on the server and fail to login with the proper passwords then you?ll automatically get black listed.


If you can?t access your site and it seems like it is down.


First test to see if your site isn?t actually down by doing a speed test at:


If you get a speed response time from this datacenter and receive no error responses then your site is still up, but you may be black listed from the server.


Next let us know what your ip is and post a ticket to remove your ip from the black list firewall and add to the white list firewall.

Go to this url to see what your current network ip is:



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Kosmos Support