FaceBook Tab for X-cart

  • March 2, 2011 by Alex Skorohodov
Now you can use the Facebook community and business pages as a sales channel for your X-Cart powered online store. The module works with all X-Cart versions above 4.1.0, and no double management and double entering - everything goes from one source - X-Cart based web shop.


Are you using the latest version of X-cart?  X-cart 4.4.2 is now available. 

There’s a lot of new things introduced in the 4.4 version including an overhaul of the Administration back end of X-Cart.  There are some fixes to the UPS and FedEx shipping modules, fixes for the zip codes with more than 5 digits, additional payment gateways added (and some removed/renamed), and one of the biggest things the Add-On modules are now included.

There’s seven Add-On Modules that have now been included in the default source code for X-Cart; X-Affiliate, X-Configurator, X-FeatureComparison, X-GiftRegistry, X-SpecialOffers, X-Magnifier and X-Survey.