• X-Cart 4.1.8 - Features

    July 6, 2007 by
  • X-Cart v4.1.8 contains a good deal of new features and other improvements comparing to previous X-Cart platform, X-Cart v4.0.x. The list of new X-Cart capabilities includes but is not limited by:

    • The latest version of X-Cart, patches a security vulnerability that was discovered in previous versions.
    • The new face of X-Cart - the "Light & Lucid" skin.
    • Certified Level 2 integration with Google Checkout, a new fast and secure checkout process.
    • Built-in integration with Google Analytics.
    • Built-in Shipping Label Generator module that allows to automatically create shipping labels for orders shipped by DHL, UPS and USPS.
    • CAPTCHA protection on registration pages and e-mail forms.
    • Certified integration with "International Shipping" through ShipIT API of DHL.
    • Integration with iDEAL, a popular European payment gateway.
    • Built-in Fast Lane Checkout module - a more user-friendly and intuitive checkout procedure.
    • X-Magnifier add-on module.
    • All store data export/import feature.
    • Strong Blowfish encryption for sensitive customer data.
    The major changes between v4.1.8 and v4.1.7 are:
    • SMTP auth feature
    • USPS shipping module updated to support RateV3 API

    The new X-Cart v4.1.8 from the stable 4.1.x branch is now available for downloading in your File area along with upgrade kits for upgrading X-Cart v4.1.7 to the v4.1.8.

    To know how to expand X-Cart functionality even more visithttp://www.x-cart.com/xcart_addons.html

    Also, US online merchants who use or are going to use X-Cart v4.1.8 are welcome to sign up for "Yahoo! PayPal Checkout Program" athttp://www.paypal-promo.com/searchmarketing/tracking/media_source/xcart.html

    To get the following benefits:

    • Enhanced visibility in Yahoo Search with the Blue Shopping Cart Icon
    • Free PayPal Express Checkout Processing through 12/31/07
    • $100 in your Yahoo! Sponsored Search account from Yahoo Search Marketing
    For more information on upgrading your shopping cart software please post a ticket in the Kosmos Central Support Center.

    If you have a custom developed shopping cart you may need some assistance in the upgrade of your cart.  To insure a smooth upgrade, please contact the Kosmos Sales staff, sales@kosmoscentral.com, for a development quote.

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